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Quick bone healing, Quick setting, Calcium Hydroxyapatite Injectable Cement. Give your patients safety of faster bone healing and shield them from non union & delayed union. Close cranial flap by using this HA cement.

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SURGIWEAR's own research product. It is injectable. It sets in 10-20 minutes. It is osteo conductive & it is osteo inductive as well. When injected between broken bone ends, it will make bone heal in half the time. Lesser chances of non union or delayed union. The idea is to provide bone building blocks Ca & PO4 at the site of bone healing. Injection between the ends of broken bones displaces tissue, blood clots from between broken bone ends. It helps in conduction of new bone formation. This cement also acts as osteo inductive material and promotes bone healing by minimum factor of two. It will also prevent non union & delayed union of bones, a nightmare of all orthopaedic surgeons.
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