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Zero Fibre Mops will not shed any fibre during use. Made of polyester microfiber. It will reduce post operative complications. Zero-F Mop is meant for single use only. Supplied in peel open pouches, ready to use & sterilised by EO.

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SURGIWEAR has brought an ultra new concept for surgeons 'Zero-F Mop' for surgeries. Conventional surgical mops are made of multi layers of gauze stitched on sides or similar material. These mops are made of cotton fibre threads. During use cotton fibres (lint) are shed on the wound surface and on the organs touched by the mops. These fibres can lead to multiple types of problems such as nidus for infection, fibre granuloma, foreign body reactions, fever & other related problems. In 'Implant surgery' these fibres can increase risk & complications associated with the implant. In Neurosurgery these fibres may cause epilepsy & other problems. Zero-F mop is the answer to the problems due to fibres. It is made of filament yarn and sides are bonded by a special process. Even the handle is made of filament yarn only. Stitching is also done with filament yarn thread. During use hardly any fibre will be shed, because there is no loose fibre to shed. The mop carries a radio-opaque marker too. So, the mops can be detected on X-Ray. Zero-F mop has a very good water absorbency.
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