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The solid eye sphere is made of medical grade silicone elastomer. It is molded in one piece. It is supplied in peel open packs, ready to use, sterilised by ethylene oxide. Each packet contains one eye sphere.

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Every human being deserves good look. After evisceration the sclera and muscles contract and shrink. The contour of eye is lost. The artificial eye prosthesis, worn later on, will always look artificial due to lack of eye movements. If evisceration has been done in childhood the eye socket may not develop to full size and a bony deformity may occur. The purpose of solid silicone eye sphere is to maintain contour of eyeball, maintain the eye movements, provide a base for prosthesis, and maintain shape of eye socket and to prevent bony deformity. Lastly, but not the least, to give full self-confidence to the patient. It gives excellent cosmetic results. The artificial eye prosthesis, to be worn later on, will look natural due to good eye contour and almost full eye movements.
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