Silicone Patties

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Made of silicone sheet. Electric shock proof, heat resistant non stick & see-through. Silicone patties are supplied in sterile peel open packs on a holding card for easy handling. The Thread is for identification only. Do not apply strong pull on the sheet.

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Silicone Patties SP6080
During a neurosurgical operation some delicate nerves and tissues are to be saved from electrical, thermal and mechanical damage. For this purpose a protective non conductive soft sheet is required. The sheet should have electrical insulation property as well as good thermal resistance. SURGIWEAR has developed silicone patties with radio-opaque thread. The silicone sheet has very good electrical non conduction property and very high heat resistance. It is soft and has tissue friendly quality. The thread is radio-opaque and is attached with sheet with silicone adhesive.
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