O-Scope Drape

Product Id:O-Scope Drape
For use on operating microscope, it is suitable for all kinds of microscope.
Plain polyethylene sheet tube 30-40 GSM, one objective lens cover & three pair eye lens cover with two tying straps.
Size: 1.25x2.5 m

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O-Scope Drape Small D204S
O-Scope Drape Medium D204M
O-Scope Drape Large D204L
SURGIWEAR has designed microscope drape in the name of O-Scope drape for specialist surgeons. All sides of microscope including lens is covered. Use of operating microscope is increasing every day. Operating microscopes can not be sterilized. Formaldehyde tablet system can reduce some bacteria, but can not sterilise an equipment. The best answer to this problem is use of a good drape made specifically for the op-microscope. Special features of this drape are following:
The lens cover is at an angle. This avoids direct reflection of light into the observing eye. The lens cover is made of special plastic sheet with high clarity.
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