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MONAKATO (ANTI-MOSQUITO SHIELD) Mosquitos are a big menace and health hazard. Many deadly diseases spread through mosquito bites. Millions of people die due to mosquito bites.

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Monakato Sleeping Bag White MB2
Monakato Sleeping Bag Eco White MBE2
Monakato Sleeping Bag Small (Child) White MBC2
Monakato Sleeping Bag Small Eco (Child) White MBCE2
Monakato Dress Consisting of Protective Hood, Coat and Pant White MD2
Monakato Protective Hood White MH2

SURGIWEAR has developed an anti mosquito shield based on simple principle. The proboscis (the needle like structure which goes inside the skin and sucks the blood) of insect is not more than 4-5 mm long. If we can keep the mosquito more than 5 mm away from skin, the mosquito can't bite. The special fabric used, in making this anti mosquito shield, is more than 6 mm thick. From top of this fabric the proboscis of mosquito can't reach skin of the humans. If the mosquito tries to enter into the fabric, it will get entangled with the fibres of fabric and ultimately die.

Monakato anti mosquito shield

The fabric is also very airy. Covering whole body with this fabric will not cause any kind of suffocation. The feeling of suffocation will not be there. Being airy it will allow evaporation of sweat during summers. Air blow of fan & natural breeze will also be felt. Even during summers one can expect a very good sleep. Following types of protective anti mosquito shields are available:
  1. Sleeping Bag,
  2. Blanket,
  3. Protective hood, Coat and Pant,
  4. Sleeping bag for children.

Sleeping Bag

The size of sleeping bag is approximately 8 feet by 3 feet (2.4 x0.90 m) with two sides zipper lock. Zipper can be closed to provide all around protection. 99% mosquito bites can be avoided and good deep sleep can be achieved.

Protective hood, Coat and Pant

These are available in large, medium and small sizes. This is ideal if a person is working for long hours in a mosquito infested area. This set is also very good for use against bees & wasps. Bee keepers can use this suit.
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